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Sandor & Parissa Argentine Tango




Dancing with the Stars


The Wall Street Journal

by: Speakeasy blog  

*  "The best Argentine tango dancers in the world, Sandor & Parissa, choreograph an incredible routine. Yes, it has pros (Tony Dovolani, Kym Johnson, Anna Trebunskaya) and Troupe members, but it's all about the world-renowned masters. The others are just the appetizer for complicated lifts, amazing leg extensions and heat"

The Story of Tango


The Independent

by: Joseph Woodart

*  “The story aspect was told in the most compelling and moving way, with hot live music and with a pair of dancers, Sandor and Parissa, whose dance pieces were alternately sexy, breathtaking, and almost spookily disciplined…in other words, the essential trinity of tango dance”

Camerata Tango


Los Angeles Times

by: Lewis Segal

*  “Tango dancers Sandor and Parissa stalked one another in intricate, rhythmic choreography”

*  “Hotly obsessive”

*  “The daring of the aerialists found their complement in the dancers’ gymnastic flair and uncompromisingly violent backbend terminations throughout the evening”


Magique TANGO VIVO !

Created, Directed, Choreographed, & Performed by Sandor



Los Angeles Times

by: Victoria Looseleaf

*  “Gave new meaning to the words ‘torrid’ and ‘smoldering’”

*  “An intimate atmosphere connecting with the audience as if electrically charged”

*  “Brilliant, sensational, nothing short of awesome”


The Gazette (Montreal)

by: Linde Howe-Beck

*  “Tango Vivo ! deserves to be called Tango Virtuoso”

*  “It’s about passion, power, and fine, edgy performance”

*  “Sensuous, sexy and superb, Tango Vivo ! is one of the best tango shows”

*  “Tango Vivo ! is tastefully terrific”

*  “Tango Vivo ! is a splendid surprise” 

*  “Superbly played and sung, and sensationally danced”

*  “It oozes with sexuality and nostalgia from start to stop”


The Independent (Santa Barbara)

by: Rachel Howard

*  “Deliciously unsubtle”

*  “One heart pounding gasp after another”

*  “The audience sprang en masse and fanatically to its feet

     at the curtain of Tango Vivo !”


Santa Barbara News-Press

by: John Chapman

*  “Tango Vivo ! heats things up”

*  “Refined sophistication”

*  “Infinitely sensual”

*  “It was the dancers’ phenomenal technical mastery and formidable strength of feeling that riveted the audience”

*  “Tango Vivo ! maintained such a high level of physical and emotional intensity. We felt that every fiber of their sensual beings was woven into the steps of the tango”       



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