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Sandor, born in Buenos Aires Argentina, is one of our times' top Argentine Tango choreographers, performers, and instructors, with his own unique signature style. His entire family were artists and entertainers. His parents produced, directed, choreographed, and danced for countless television, theatre, and circus productions around the world. At the age of eight, Sandor joined them to tour throughout South America. With an extensive background in Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz dance forms, he was later featured in numerous television, film, and theatrical productions in Argentina.

Since 1987 the world of Tango embraced him with its passion & beauty, and from then on he chose Tango to express his art. Sandor's unique story-telling choreographies weave breathtaking tango footwork with gorgeous lines and original daredevil theatrical lifts and drops. Among his peers in the Tango world, he is known for his innovative style, originality, and creativity. He was one of the first Tango performers to give more open lines to this dance form, and add contemporary elements of lifts to intensify the drama & effect of this already passionate dance. His influence & signature imprint on the art form that is Argentine Tango can be seen in many of the artists of today.

Sandor's expertise showmanship landed him the principal part as an original cast member of the Broadway/London hit show Forever Tango, which he toured with from 1990 to 1998. Sandor's exceptional choreography in this hit show was among those nominated for the Tony Award in 1997. During Forever Tango's seasonal breaks, he performed with Tango, Tango (1992) and Corazon de Tango (1994), each time touring 65 cities in Japan. In 1992 he was also a featured dancer in the Warner Brothers' film Mambo Kings. In 1993 he won First Place Honors in the Theatre Arts competitions of Emerald Ball, Nevada Star Ball, and The Extravaganza Northwest Dance Competitions in the U.S. In 1999 Sandor created, directed, choreographed, and performed his own show, Magique Tango Vivo !, which has toured the U.S., Singapore, and Canada achieving outstanding reviews such as : “Brilliant, Sensational, Nothing Short of Awesome”- L.A. Times, “Sensuous, Sexy, and Superb”-Montreal Gazette.

Since then, he has created & directed numerous other successful shows, and has been a featured dancer & choreographer for countless television, film, and theatrical productions worldwide, including Latin Spectacular at the Hollywood Bowl with the L.A. Philharmonic broadcast live on UPN, the PBS TV Special Tango Magic recorded in Sony Studios N.Y., and Passions Latines at the Olympia Theatre in Paris, just to name a few. Sandor has also choreographed for Olympic & World Champion Ice Dancers, and he has been honored with The Carlos Gardel Tango Lifetime Achievement Award. He has participated as a Master Instructor in Tango Congresses around the world for nearly three decades, and is also a highly distinguished instructor in his base-town of Los Angeles, CA.

Sandor was the coach for the Gold-Medalist Argentine Tango Duet, Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo, on NBC's Superstars of Dance 2009, and he choreographs many of the Argentine Tangos on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, starting with the one performed by Cheryl Burke & Gilles Marini, which was voted “The Best Argentine Tango” ever performed by a celebrity competitor on the show. In 2011 Sandor and his exquisite wife Parissa were also featured performing on DWTS, and were announced as “The Most Spectacular Argentine Tango Dancers in the World”. Partnering with Parissa since 2000 has brought great joy and passion to his work. Sandor & Parissa are internationally acclaimed performers whose distinctive style, fire, and grace touch the souls of audiences worldwide. As a married and professional couple, they enjoy sharing their love for the art of dance. Sandor is a true original whose works will always be celebrated, and will stand the test of time.


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